June 17, 2019


Have you ever thought about having a house that helps you with your daily tasks? It may seem like a distant dream, but the concept of the intelligent house is becoming more and more common, with solutions that facilitate everyday life and help to optimize time with energy saving.

What is an intelligent house?

The smart home or in literal translation, intelligent house, is a house with an integration of electronic devices linked to a network, Wifi or Bluetooth, for example. With an integrated system, it is possible to control many things, such as lighting, temperature, activation of appliances, how to program the torradeira for the time you need to remember or prepare a coffee so that when you arrive at home you can enjoy it.

There are countless possibilities of integration with systems and devices available in the market and many others are in development. All this is related to the movement of the Internet of the Coisas (IoT), which has as objective to connect the items of the day to day with the Internet, to collect information in real time and auxiliary in the life of the people.

According to the research carried out by McKinsey, an American consulting company, in the United States, the intelligent home is already a reality. In 2015 there were 17 million houses connected and it should reach 29 million this year. The expectation, according to the study, is that there will be an annual growth of 31% in this segment.

What are the advantages of a smart home?

The residential automation generates many benefits to the users. The ease of control of the equipment is one of the most perceived benefits because everything can be accessed and programmed via the application. Illumination, audio, curtains, temperature, electronic devices, security system are some of the most common examples.

Moreover, there is the optimization of time and economy. Automated solutions become more sustainable and contribute to energy saving and influence more research and development of intelligent technologies with lower cost, allied to sustainability.

Technologies that make everyday life easier

We select some recent technologies developed for smart home that attend from the culinary universe to the family safety. Check it out!

Safety – Nest Cam IQ Indoor

This is not just a camera for you to install in your house. It is a high-definition system that allows you to verify what is going on in your home, receive visitor alerts from unknowns – and program so that it recognizes your estimate bug, avoiding false alerts – and miss with whoever is at home. Its intelligent system is able to differentiate people with facial recognition, animals and different movements.

Cleaning – Robot Vacuums Cleaner

The LG robotic vacuum cleaner has a camera that maps the chão of your house, comprising each square corner that needs to be cleared to keep everything clean. It also has a functionality that can be cleaned remotely from an application.

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