May 19, 2019

Modern automotive technologies that we love

Modern car technologies provide us with more and more convenience and safety every year. It is probably a matter of time before we even become superfluous in the process of driving. However, until autonomous cars become more and more popular, it is worth following automotive technological novelties and making driving easier and more pleasant in all possible ways.

Modern car technologies for convenience

A proximity sensor in keys and start button

What is difficult to use traditional car keys? Absolutely nothing. Did anyone of us think a dozen or so years ago that you wouldn’t have to put them in the ignition to start the vehicle? Probably not. Meanwhile, engineers from the automotive industry took good old keys “to the workshop” and the results of their work are surprisingly good. In the case of many models of cars leaving the factory today, we no longer need to look for the keys through the pockets. We only need to carry them with us and the car door will unlock by itself. And when you sit comfortably in the driver’s seat, just press the “start” button to start the car. This solution is especially appreciated by women, whose malicious bags often hide car keys in the deepest nooks and all those who sometimes go to the car with their hands occupied, for example, carrying shopping bags or things intended to be stored in the boot. As the example of keys shows, modern car technologies can satisfy even those needs which we are not fully aware of.



This wireless communication technology allows you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle’s audio system. Thanks to this technology we can safely and legally talk on the phone using handsfree systems and listen to music on our smartphone. We get even more possibilities when our smartphone is connected to the Internet. We can launch a navigation system that collects information about traffic jams and accidents in real time so that it will always lead us to our destination on the quickest route at any given moment. In addition, we can also play music through in-car speakers via applications such as Spotify, Deezer and Google Music, from which we can access millions of songs without having to store them on memory cards or hard drives.

USB ports

Listening to modern car technologies, which increase our comfort in the car most, it is impossible to forget about USB ports, although it may sound a bit surprising. Meanwhile, USB ports in cars allow you to connect numerous external accessories such as navigation or audio players and allow us to charge smartphones, tablets or book readers. How valuable this functionality is known to everyone who has been on a long journey with the family.

Modern car technologies increasing safety
Blind field sensors

Probably every driver met on the road with a situation where he or she made sure that there were no other cars on the adjacent lane while looking in the mirrors, and yet during the change of lane manoeuvre he or she was thrown down by the driver of the vehicle, who appeared literally “from nowhere”. That’s why sensors of the blind spot are so furor, which warns us when we want to enter the lane on which another vehicle, invisible in mirrors, is moving in our vicinity.

Reversing camera

Anyone who has had the pleasure of parking a car with a reversing camera parallel or perpendicular to the rear will not want to switch to a vehicle without this simple but incredibly functional accessory. The reversing camera not only makes it easier to park but also prevents luggage or shopping nets from being left in the car park and increases the safety of pets or small children, who can sometimes unexpectedly and unnoticeably appear in the place where the car is reversing.

Active cruise control

In Poland, only for a few years, we have been able to drive on such long sections of motorways that driving on them can be boring. Every driver who went on holiday by car, e.g. to Italy or Croatia, where we cover practically all the way on motorways, understands, however, that it is easy to lose concentration on such routes, which in combination with high speeds may lead to an accident. Of course, we are helped by modern car technologies, namely active cruise control, which will not only try to maintain the maximum speed set by us but will also take care to maintain a safe distance to the vehicle ahead of us, adjusting our speed to its speed.

Parking assistant

Parking, along with overtaking and turning left, is one of the most difficult maneuvers we have to perform behind the wheel. Nowadays, modern car technologies limit our role in parking to a minimum or make us superfluous. Bow-only sensors

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